Did you know pecans come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet customers' needs? Bulk pecans are packaged in 30 pound cases or other packaging specified by our customers. About 95% of the pecans we ship are fancy grade pecans.


Pecan Halves are categorized by six different sizes and each size is determined by the number of pecan halves that make a pound. Junior mammoth is the most common size of pecan halves. Most of the varieties that we shell fall into this category. Pecan pieces, on the other hand, are sized using round hole screens. Medium, large and small pieces are the most common sizes. Pecan meal, also known as pecan flour, goes through the smallest screen.


Mammoth Halves

250/LB or less

550 per Kg or less

Jr. Mammoth Halves


551-660 per Kg

Jumbo Halves


661-770 per Kg

Large Halves


991-1200 per Kg

Medium Halves


1201-1430 per Kg

Topper Halves

651/LB or more

1431 per Kg or more

Extra Large Pieces

Through 36/64"

over 32/64"

Large Pieces

Through 32/64"

over 24/64"

Medium Pieces

Through 24/64"

over 16/64"

Small Pieces

Through 16/64"

over 12/64"

Midget Pieces

Through 12/64"

over 6/64"

Pecan Meal

Through 4/64"