Milk Chocolate Caramillicans


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Looking to buy pecan candy treats? These delectables will melt in your mouth! Featured on the Food Network show Unwrapped! Our Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramillicans (similar to Turtles) come from an old family recipe handed down through the generations. We mix butter rich caramel with our fancy pecans and topped with milk chocolate by hand, one at a time. This is one of our most popular items and can be sent to you in a decorative gift box or individually.

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  1. Caramillicans are Similar to Turtles

    These Caramillicans (Turtles) are absolutely mouth watering delicious! When you get ready to take a bite, hold on because there will be a burst of flavor. I don't know how the Millicans make them but boy are they good. They are one of my favorites. My wife loves them, too!

    Reviewed by Robert H. on April 11, 2018, 6:28 p.m. | Permalink

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