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Buy in shell pecans for sale at Millican Pecan

You may ask, "Where can I buy pecans?" Well, you can order pecans right here, direct from the Millican orchard! We even have bulk pecans for sale. Our Inshell Pecans are naturally ripened on the trees and harvested at the peak of freshness.

Why "Millican" fresh In shell pecans?

There are a lot of companies selling grade 2 pecans that were harvested several years ago, but our pecans are harvested this season, providing you with Fresh Grade 1 Pecans. These soft-shell Texas pecan nuts are in the shell and are ready to be shelled. After the pecans are shelled, the pecan halves and pecan pieces will be ready for your pecan pie recipe or other favorite pecan recipe. The pecan varieties that we sell typically yield over 50% nut meat. One pound of inshell pecan nuts will yield about 2 cups of pecan meat. These pecans store well in the freezer in an airtight container.

Buy your Texas pecans from Millican Pecan Company in San Saba, TX!  We have pecans for sale!

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